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Facial Recognition Goes Mainstream

At CaliBurger in Pasadena, Calif., the fast-food franchise restaurant is testing out a new way for customers to pay: having their picture taken. When they’re ready to complete their order, they step in front of a large screen at a kiosk to let a facial-recognition system snap their picture. If the system recognizes them, the […]

Emerging chains go all-in on kiosks

The kiosk movement comes at a time when the IT department at a restaurant company is becoming equally as crucial as menu development or operations. That’s especially true for startups. Many are designing restaurants around tech instead of treating them as digital accessories. Related: On kiosks, big chains exercise caution Take Square Roots Kitchen in Chicago. […]

CaliBurger Unveils Self-Ordering Kiosks with Facial Recognition

Cali Group and NEC Corporation of America unveiled new AI-enabled self-ordering kiosks at CaliBurger, Cali Group’s restaurant operating division. The kiosks use NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition software to identify registered customers and pull up their loyalty accounts and order preferences. The kiosk pilot program is now at CaliBurger’s Pasadena location, where the quick-serve restaurant chain […]